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*BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

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*BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

Post by Davis on 9th August 2011, 20:30

The first 2vs2vs2 match between the 3 clan and I hope its not the last.

kBg: Basber - InEX, BGE: Birdskiller - Chirac, YAK: Davis - Geryson
City 4 stats: kBg - 20, YAK - 15, BGE - 8
Harbor 5 stats: kBg - 20, BGE - 15, YAK - 12
City 2 stats: kBg - 20, BGE - 18, YAK - 15



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Re: *BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

Post by CHIRAC on 9th August 2011, 20:33

it was very cool!
respect to kbg and yak
sorry but our boss got a slow computer today so he cant come in to the fight Wink

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Re: *BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

Post by Birdskiller on 9th August 2011, 21:00

GG guys, fun games; but you forgot our awesome victory in city 5 (who said it as for fun?) : 20/19 with bas game crashing at 19 frags for kbg lol!

sorry but our mighty and unfearable boss, best know as BGE Siss...oops BGE Jager couldnt play for following reasons :
- computer too slow
- game unplayable because this shitty program fraps
- shit maps : city 4, harbor 5, where are the classic temple, caves 3, primagen? bs
- noob opponents : jag only plays giga pr0 clans like TS or CID

etc etc...

congratz to KBG Smile


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Re: *BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

Post by kBg*In EX on 9th August 2011, 21:52

That was some funnny games Very Happy GG
kBg*In EX
kBg*In EX

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Re: *BGE> vs kBg* vs [YAK]

Post by Sponsored content

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