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City 4 door glitch? ?rvb=%23000000&texte=%23FFFFFF&hauteur=155&largeur=120&afficher=all

City 4 door glitch?

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City 4 door glitch? Empty City 4 door glitch?

Post by Ry 20th July 2009, 11:46

In City 4, when you run up the stairs, the two sliding doors ahead, those doors. I've had this problem where when I spawn on the inside, behind those doors, infront of that well, the two sliding doors don't open. I usually have to run across to one of the side doors, open those, then run back to open up the two sliding doors infront of the well. [KOP] SPARKY noticed something the other day, which I honestly never payed any attention to. This.

City 4 door glitch? Zzzzuyg

One of the keys are places in, but the other isn't. Would that explain why the doors don't open?
But after, I noticed this.

City 4 door glitch? Zzzzzeqq

The two sliding doors opened, even without the keys placed.
Then this.

City 4 door glitch? Zzzzzzd

The last one's the same as the first, but opposite sides.
I've yet to have seen both keys placed.
Just wondering if other's have this same problem as me. I know Hugo does. He once asked me to open the doors for him, because he couldn't. Lol. Game glitch or what?

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City 4 door glitch? Empty Re: City 4 door glitch?

Post by kBg*Basber 20th July 2009, 14:10

yes everybody has that problem. LoL u can put a key into that thing, if u jump on top of the thing where the key is missing, it puts one in :-D


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City 4 door glitch? Empty Re: City 4 door glitch?

Post by Birdskiller 20th July 2009, 14:28

i suggest the "suicide-opening-doors-in-city4", suicide yourself until those fuckin lame doors open.


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City 4 door glitch? Empty Re: City 4 door glitch?

Post by Hexx 25th July 2009, 22:16

that's true I know this glitch too, but the doors open easily if you walk backwards a distance, maybe 5 or 6 steps and run to this door again and it will open for you without problems.
others can't open the doors for you.
if i'm standing inside the hall and running directed against this wall the closed doors create and someone enters from outside the invisible barrier won't disappear for me.
only this walking away from this gaten and running back to it will open it!!!

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City 4 door glitch? Empty Re: City 4 door glitch?

Post by Sponsored content

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