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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -remaster

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Re: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -remaster

Post by vis on 19th May 2017, 16:13

1.5.4 Patch Notes

Renderer / Graphics

  • Fix darkcity and rainbow cheat crash,

  • Improved render resource management,

  • Fix random DX11 crash on application startup,

  • Fixed viewport/scissor issues for UI elements,

  • Uniform buffers for OpenGL is now disabled by default for new users,

  • DirectX is now the default graphics API for new users,

  • Tranclucent surfaces in superrok mode are no longer affected.

Single-Player Gameplay

  • Cerebral Bore sound now loops properly,

  • Correct music is now played for the first Oblivion cinematic,

  • All cinema camera models are now hidden,

  • Failsafe check for final stage for Blind Boss,

  • Turning while riding is now faster/responsive,

  • PFM death animations now works,

  • Can no longer mantle into water regions.

Local and Network Multiplayer

  • Any tracking cerebral bores are destroyed when the targeted player respawns.

1.5.3 Patch Notes

Renderer / Graphics

  • DirectX support (can be set in graphics option menu),

  • Animating models can now have vertex color buffers: this fixes the lighting on the queen pods in the queen boss level,

  • Deferred lighting and decals now display correctly in splitscreen,

  • New option to set anisotropic filtering quality,

  • Reworked how the credits screen is rendered. This should resolve rendering artefacts for some users.

Local and Network Multiplayer

  • Players on the same team as the local player have their name highlighted green,

  • Players on the same team can no longer trigger each others PFMs,

  • Players on the same team can now spawn next to each other,

  • Crossbow should now damage in water,

  • Balance tweaks to Firestorm Cannon: minor damage reduction and increased ammo consumption.

I look on this 2 like on 1, whole update, from what we got great fps boost/stability, new render (great for amd gpu users, so they actually can play game now), jump in visuals, less bugs in SP/MP, and one piece still missing: headless game files, what will give us complete game play experience, but it should come soon to, np. Cheers!  bounce

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Re: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -remaster

Post by jag on 20th May 2017, 02:50

sorry it's a bit off-topic guys but not off-topic : get the game butch the b00n 007. SCARED?
wish to cut birdy half with the razor wind and cook him on the grill. (fantasy) cheers afro
what are you doing last_pr0?? You old romantic, who's the LADY?!?(don't cheat on me man, after all these years) ask her to join bge? *bge> Alizée? where are you hiding?? stop drinking french 75 (cocktail), beer(?)(are you a KbG* ?) red/white wine (it's good with suyshi thou) cheap russian vodka and french rum!! drink water if you must, it's gonna be hot outside

about old mp : there's no single hector left, ry is dead (rumors, this is not a joke), avenger organized a tournament & he promised to give a t-shirt to everyone who participated. I see you searched for hector (matalobos) on google because i did the same lol. try my name if you want to drink good stuff (jägermeister)


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Re: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -remaster

Post by Birdskiller Yesterday at 10:57

hello ladies and gentlemen and jag,

well i must say i have trouble to find some time to play, also demotivated by the the lack of players in original mp.

About the remastered version, is it really worthy though, at least, is there more activity than old t2?

About ry/matalobos i searched long ago lol, yeah was wondering where did this came from. Not missing hector, as for rumors i'm not a fan of this (tons of rumors bs in last french elections, extreme right is pathetic), Ry might has well leave without a note intentionnally...i wish he's doing fine anyways.

off topic but rip Chris Cornell (you must remember james bond theme jag), big shock to discover his death after my holidays comeback...


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Re: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -remaster

Post by Sponsored content

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