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Advantaged dedicated server question

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Advantaged dedicated server question

Post by X4nd3r on 28th December 2010, 20:17

In the T2servers Notepad file there are a few things i dont get.

The game manager can be forced to use a different configuration file than the
default gm.cfg file by passing a "-config filename" on the command line. For
example, if the configuration file to be used is called arena.cfg, then run
it with "gm_win32.exe -config arena.cfg".


If a game manager is to be run on a LAN, it is better to specify the -lan
command line parameter. This will enable a higher bandwidth version of the
game. This option should NEVER be used for a game that will be played over a
modem (it will saturate the modem's bandwidth and the game will be

My question is where do i do this -lan command ?Do i have to do that in that cmd dos stuff?
well i dont get it does someone here knows it ?


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Re: Advantaged dedicated server question

Post by kBg*In EX on 28th December 2010, 22:19

the lan question interests me too because i want to host Turok 2 on my next lan party Very Happy
kBg*In EX

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